11 bit studios’ INDIKA; Unraveling the Threads of Existence

Embark on a Profound Quest of Self-Discovery in this Thought-Provoking Arthouse Offering from 11 bit studios and Odd Meter

„Amidst mounting curiosity surrounding INDIKA — a narrative-driven, arthouse adventure game centered on a nun grappling with the voice of the devil within her—publisher, 11 bit studios, and developer, Odd Meter, deepen the game’s existential essence with the release of the latest trailer. Scheduled for launch in May on PC and consoles, INDIKA delves into themes of self-discovery and what we, as humans, do when we have an internal clash of our beliefs.

Embarking on a quest to deliver a significant letter, Indika finds herself compelled to confront the very foundations of her faith. Was her devotion to a cause greater than herself a voluntary sacrifice? This deliberate imbalance not only shapes her narrative but also influences the lives of those around her. Indeed, the inherent unfairness of life itself prompts reflection—isn’t that a truth we can all acknowledge?

Drawing inspiration from cinematic auteurs such as Lanthimos, Aster, and Aronofsky, as well as literary luminaries Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, and Gogol, INDIKA intertwines its storyline with a tapestry of disorienting threads and philosophical debates among its characters. Meticulous attention to detail in architectural styles and religious heritage authentically captures the atmosphere of the God-fearing times the game is set in, inviting players to contemplate its profound themes rather than seeking mere diversion.
“INDIKA stands as a testament (pun intended) to the depth and maturity that video games can achieve as an artistic medium,” reflects Rufus Kubica, Product Management Lead at 11 bit studios. „The game not only combines an imaginative narrative with a dark sense of humor but also delves into the profound depths of human emotion, spirituality, and the nature of sin.“

„Produced by the indie studio Odd Meter, INDIKA challenges the conventional norms of game development,“ he continues. „The juxtaposition of religious themes with the harsh, twisted landscapes of Russia, and the unlikely companionship between Indika and the devil himself, creates a compelling narrative that is both odd and emotionally resonant. INDIKA is an experience that at times pushes the boundaries of what games can be, offering players seeking something more meaningful and mature an unforgettable journey beyond the confines of traditional gaming narratives. It’s truly a passion project that resonates deeply with our publishing vision.“
At its core, INDIKA is a third-person adventure game combining exploration, environmental puzzles, and platforming. It is set to launch on May 2nd for PC, and later that month on consoles (PS5, XSX|S).

A portion of the revenue generated from INDIKA will be donated to aid children affected by the war in Ukraine.

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