11 bit studios Switches to Unreal Engine & Announces Frostpunk Book Anthology!

„As every story has its end, 11 bit studios announce that all of their in-house projects across three teams are now being developed using Unreal Engine, the popular game engine developed by Epic Games. 11 bit studios is also happy to announce that their successful city-building survival sim, Frostpunk, will be expanding even further with an anthology of micro-novels set in the game universe.

As of two months ago, the company put all development and maintenance of Liquid Engine, the game engine used on all previous projects, on hold and started to test the latest version of Unreal Engine. The team has shared a brief snippet of the in-engine, early-stage footage from their unannounced projects developed using Unreal Engine 4. Between the “A Tease of Things to Come” teaser and the “Unreal Engine for Future Projects” video, all three unannounced in-house projects are highlighted.“


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