Announcing SAND – a steampunk survival shooter from the makers of Secret Neighbor

Assemble your crew of smugglers and scavengers, stride across a vast desert in your giant robot home, battling other teams in search of glory and loot

„tinyBuild are thrilled to announce SAND, a cooperative and competitive online sandbox FPS first unveiled at the 2023 PC Gaming Show. Developed by Hologryph (creators of the cult multiplayer hit Secret Neighbor), SAND immerses PC and next-gen console players in a harsh steampunk post-apocalypse of gunslinging smugglers fighting for survival in a vast desert.
Working solo or with a crew, players will pilot a Trampler; a massive walking ship designed to traverse a vast, dry ocean floor-turned-desert. Trampler crews travel between abandoned urban ‚islands‘ in search of resources to scavenge and treasures to trade, so long as they can extract it safely. Get a first peek at the life in a Trampler crew’s life in the teaser trailer below:

In SAND, your Trampler isn’t just how you traverse the sandy sea – it’s your home. A Trampler is a highly customizable and upgradeable fortress on massive iron legs. Fill it with creature comforts, stuff your cargo hold with treasures, adapt your machine to endure the deadly toxic zones in the wastes or pile on extra plating and broadside cannons so you can clash with rival crews. There may not be much water here, but the spirit of piracy still thrives!

Every session of SAND will be different, as the desert is procedurally generated and full of unpredictable threats. The islands, however, are hand-crafted and designed to be exciting, challenging environments to learn explore and fight in. Sneak alone or cover each other as a crew, weaving through dusty streets in search of abandoned monuments, factories, hotels and other landmarks and pick bare. Greed rules in this harsh desert world.“

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