„KNUCKLEDUST – Welcome To The Fight Club“: Ab morgen auf Blu-ray und DVD!

„Wer Filme wie „Smokin‘ Aces“ und „Sin City“ liebt, sich für Quentin Tarantino und Guy Ritchie begeistert und auf „John Wick“-Action steht, kommt an KNUCKLEDUST nicht vorbei! Die adrenalingetränkte und vor Testosteron strotzende Achterbahnfahrt verbindet gekonnt Action, Film noir und Thriller inklusive einer Prise trockenen Humors und präsentiert neben ihren tadellos choreografierten Kampfszenen eine Wendung nach der anderen.

Interview mit dem Regisseur James Kermack:
– How would you describe your movie in just a few words? What can the audience expect?
KNUCKLEDUST is a balls to wall, wild ride filled with choreographed carnage, flying fists and lying bastards. The audience can expect big and bombastic set pieces combined with moments of quiet character revelation.

– Jaime Winstone and Gethin Anthony, who participated in international big budget productions, are both part of your cast. How did you manage to get these two on board?
Jaime came in because of the script. She wanted to change up her usual roles and play a badass, kick ass woman. She had also never played a cop before. We met and discussed the project and immediately clicked. Gethin I have known for over a decade and he appeared in my debut feature HI-LO JOE. He was actually the first actor to come onto the film many years ago and has stuck with the project till it came to fruition.

– You planned to play the lead role of “Hard Eight“ yourself. What made you change your mind and let Moe Dunford take the lead?
I actually had stepped back from the role four years ago. I had been given great advice to write myself a supporting role and get a fantastic and recognized lead actor to help get the film financed. This is where Moe Dunford of Vikings fame stepped in and stepped up. Moe brought a Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones, Richard Kimble style nonchalance, charm, wit and pit of the stomach anger to a role where action and emotion can exist as one.

– There are some great fight scenes in the movie. Do the actors involved in these scenes such as Moe Dunford, Sebastien Foucan or Guillaume Delaunay all have a martial arts background?
Sebastien of course has his Parkour background which means his movement is very specific and graceful. He is also a keen student of Bruce Lees teachings. Moe and Gui both came into this as actors who understand physicality and threw themselves into the roles both figuratively and literally.

– There is a hallway fight scene which is beautifully choreographed and executed. How long did it take to rehearse and shoot this particular scene?
The stunt team rehearsed for a few days pre-shoot. On the shoot day they rehearsed in situ as the corridor set was a complete build and then we actually shot the whole sequence in just over half a day. The whole team was very well prepared and so when it came to the fight Moe just went for it. I was really adamant that the fights were well choreographed but to have an everyman, chaos to it. HARD EIGHT is not John Wick. When he gets hit it hurts, he gets winded he can’t breathe. He is not a machine. He is a human being on a mission and nothing will stop him from completing the mission. Not even a bunch of S&M leather clad goons swinging dildo nun-chuks!“

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