Drive Thy Neighbor up the Wall!

Good fences make good neighbours, but they don’t stop a determined prankster. Neighbours back From Hell is out now!

„Fireworks instead of candles on a birthday cake. Nitroglycerin in a milk bottle, or just the good old whoopie cushion. Play dozens of outrageously weird pranks in Neighbours back From Hell.

Did you know that “Schadenfreude” is a German word defined as the concept of finding joy in someone else’s misfortune? It is also the main idea on which Neighbours back From Hell is built. A whole TV show based on playing increasingly outrageous pranks on your grumpy neighbor to keep the audience entertained, and viewership numbers high. It’s good to be bad in this early 2000s trash TV inspired slapstick extravaganza!

Watch our weekly episodes every Thursday:

Neighbours back From Hell is available now on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for $ 14,99 / € 14,99 / £ 12,99.“

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