101XP is proud to announce Blind Fate: Edo No Yami!

An action platformer starring a cyber samurai protagonist is coming soon to Steam and 101XP.com

„The 101XP publishing team has announced the release of an action platformer Blind Fate: Edo no Yami from the Spanish studio Troglobytes Games.

Players will take on the role of a blind cyber samurai Yami, hero of the dystopian Japan in the New Edo period. In this cruel world they may trust only in their sharp katana and the powerful hand cannon, a deadly combination of weapons that can be used to overcome any obstacle, living or otherwise.

Blinded and deprived of his humanity, Yami is unquestioningly loyal to the Shogun and lives to vanquish his suzerain’s enemies until one day he might discover an unexpected truth that lies beyond the confines of the visible realm.

Players are invited to dive into the stunning, frightening, and majestic world of a grotesque Japanese megapolis. Derelict skyscrapers, noble samurais, laser sentries, killer robots, and uncanny creatures from Japanese folklore all coexist together in this bizarre cyberpunk universe!

Key features

— The Way of The Samurai
Yami is a samurai demon hunter. Following the path of an honorbound warrior, it is his duty to not only destroy his master’s enemies, but also protect civilians from bloodthirsty robotic abominations.

— Shadows in Motion
Continued survival will require you to learn to detect danger using sounds, vibration, and heat emissions. Heed your senses and strike at your foes when they least expect it!

— Weapon Combinations
The thin blade of your katana and the heavy hand cannon perfectly complement each other in combat: alternate lightning-fast strikes with incinerating firepower to destroy anything that stands in your path.

The game is currently under development and is planned for release on PC, Switch, Playstation, Xbox.“

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