Fantasy RPG „The Waylanders“ smashes its Kickstarter Goal!

„Gato Studio is ecstatic to announce that their Kickstarter campaign for the time-travelling, fantasy RPG, The Waylanders has been fully funded at $150,000! The Gato team is now preparing to dive headfirst into development bringing to life all the visions their generous backers supported. Not only that, they’ve added in some new stretch goals for backers to unlock in the last two days of the campaign.


Over the course of the campaign, Emily Grace Buck (formerly of Telltale Games) was freed from the shackles of her $200,000 stretch goal and added to The Waylanders‘ team as a vital part of the script team focusing on companions and relationships. Also unlocked over the campaign so far, the addition of German accompanying the already announced English, Spanish, and Galician languages with more intended to be added down the road. New stretch goals just announced include a brand new in-game scenario and three possible new companions. Important characters that can join your party, companions are additions you can have close relations with that will provide hours more of gameplay with their own characters quests. The closer you become with them, the more quests you get and the more important your companions become in the gameplay experience. See the new stretch goals below;

• New Scenario – Aunes Island ($160,000)
• New Companion – Heraklios ($180,000)
• New Companion – Mal ($200,000)
• New Companion – Khaldun ($220.000)

Perhaps one of the most asked questions of the Gato Studio team over the course of the campaign, they can also confirm that The Waylanders WILL be coming to consoles with more information coming soon!

• Real-time combat with tactical pause, character creation, and 36 classes (6 basic and 30 advanced)
• Play from a top-down isometric perspective that can be shifted to a third person perspective on the fly
• Story and combat inspired by RPG classics Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights 2
• 12 different combat formations (2 per class) sees players fuse characters to provide varied and technical combat options.“

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