Experience 11 bit studios’ Unique Sci-Fi Title ‚The Alters‘ as Part of Steam Next Fest – Demo Available Now

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor” – Alexis Carrel

„In The Alters, a unique sci-fi game about altered personalities, players will encounter and manage multiple versions of Jan Dolski. Today, developer and publisher 11 bit studios is excited to share good news with the release of two distinct trailers and a new demo appearing in Steam Next Fest.

The first trailer showcases the complex relationships among the different versions of Jan. Despite their identical appearances, each Jan is a unique character with distinct skills, memories, needs, and emotions. As the ‘main’ Jan, players must navigate these differences to build bonds and achieve a common goal: escaping the planet they are stranded on.

The second video is a 14-minute segment that covers the beginning of the game, providing a glimpse into how The Alters plays. Inspired by the critically acclaimed This War of Mine, and created by several team members from that game, The Alters blends survival and base-building genres with a deep, meaningful narrative. Throughout the story, the question of „what if“ reverberates with each new Jan, while players seek answers about the failed mission and the mysterious Jan-multiplying ore known as Rapidium.

The cherry on top — a demo for The Alters which lets you play for almost two hours — is live right now as part of Steam Next Fest.

The Alters will launch later this year for Windows 11 PC and consoles. The game will also be coming to both PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for console upon its release.“

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