Enotria: The Last Song announces the Official Release Date

„Enotria: The Last Song, the thrilling Soulslike inspired by Italian folklore AA video game developed by Jyamma Games, is excited to announce the official release date with a brand new trailer.
The sun-lit world awaits players in Enotria on June 21st, 2024, coming to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Epic Games Store.

The highly anticipated Enotria: The Last Song Gameplay will be showcased during Future Games Show in March 21st, 2024.

’’Ah, the tree of change bears fruit;
Awaken, Maskless One… The stage is set.’’

In addition to the new trailer announcing the release date, the Jyamma Games development team opens the pre-orders for Enotria: The Last Song on Epic Games Store. PS5 and Steam pre-orders will arrive at a later date.

For the Standard Edition pre-order guests, they will be awarded with the OST extract and one upgrade for the weapon materials.

Our Deluxe Edition guests will be rewarded with 72-hours early access, DLC, OST and Artbook extract and additional bonus content!

Enotria: The Last Song is an Action RPG Soulslike, inspired off Italian folklore and culture, set in a fantasy world that invites players to wear role-altering masks and wield the power of Ardore to unravel the secrets of a land stuck in an endless play. As the Mask of Change, players will face formidable foes and alter reality to free unwilling actors from a twisted eternal script not of their making.

🔸Wield Ardore to alter the world around you
🔸Stay on the offensive with quicksteps and chainable parries
🔸Strike foes to charge powerful magical Lines
🔸Strategically swap between up to three Loadouts at any time
🔸Break an enemies posture for a devastating attack, granting you a mighty Awakened buff
🔸Reveal the secrets of Enotria to gain Inspiration & unlock new perks in the Path of Innovators“

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