Coming to PlayStation 5 and Becoming Free to Play Across all Platforms on July 13

„New Content And Updates Introduced at Today’s Naraka Fest as NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Celebrates its Second Anniversary and reaches over 20 Million Unique Players

NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES and HKEX: 9999, „NetEase“ or the „Company“) announced at today’s Naraka Fest event that NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, an up to 60-player PVP mythical melee battle royale game, will adopt a free-to-play model and be available on PlayStation 5 beginning July 13. The game will also be cross-platform accessible on all systems. This major announcement comes as NARAKA: BLADEPOINT celebrates its second anniversary and crosses the 20 million unique player mark.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT will also introduce a host of new content, features and updates including:
– Capture the Spirit Well: A 12v12 gang wars battle that allows players to capture locations to earn points
– New Dual Halberds Weapon: Combines a spear and a dagger into one. It can stab straight and also strike horizontally with the ability to lock other weapons
– Justice Chamber updates to Guild Mode: Position and more features will be added to the current guild system
– New Hero – Tessa: Tessa is a 1000-year-old fox demon, who can charm her enemies and capture their souls
– Veteran rewards: Players who previously purchased the game will receive in game gold equivalent to what edition they currently possess and more
– PlayStation 5 player exclusive items
– Anniversary in-game events and rewards
– Collaboration with Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains (based on a famous Chinese painting)
– 3D Lobby: Players can grapple around and explore while queuing
– New season skin theme: Classic of Mountains and Seas and the god of four seasons
– XGP Benefits: Players with a NARAKA account via Xbox Game Pass will be automatically upgraded from the Standard Edition to the new Deluxe Edition containing in-game rewards

Dive into the legends of the Far East in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, a fast-paced competitive melee action experience and a Battle Royale like no other.

Heroes from all over the world have gathered on Morus Island, where two ancient gods collided eons ago — creating the Mask of Immortality: an artifact of legendary power. You are one such hero, ready to face many others on your way to claim it.

Experience unique fighting gameplay, combining fast movements in a large environment and a deep and intense melee combat system based on combos, parries, and counters. Build your own playstyle from an immense roster of original characters, each with unique customizable skills, and all using a wide array of weaponry ranging from Katanas to Muskets. In addition to the many different competitive modes, you can enter as a team with your friends, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT offers solo campaigns, new seasonal content and a deep customization system rarely seen in battle royales.

Developed and published by NetEase, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT has been played by over 20 million players worldwide since its release in August 2021, turning it into one of the best-selling PC games globally. NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is also available on the Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass.“

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