„Railroad Ink“ demnächst von Horrible Games

Meet Railroad Ink™!

„This year we will be introducing a brand new project: Railroad Ink™, a roll and write game for 1-6 players, designed by Hjalmar Hach and Lorenzo Silva and illustrated by Marta Tranquilli.

Railroad Ink™ will be showcased during GenCon at the CMON booth (Hall J, booth 415). A limited quantity of copies will also be available for purchase during an exclusive preview launch at the event.

Railroad Ink™ is a competitive puzzle game for the whole family. Roll the dice at the beginning of each round to determine the available routes (railways, highways, or stations to connect the two), then draw those routes on your erasable boards. Your goal is to connect as many exits as possible to score points at the end of the game.

Since all players will be drawing the same 4 routes each round, it will be up to you to find the best way to optimise your transport networks and maximise your score!

At launch, Railroad Ink™ will be available in two versions: the Deep Blue edition and the Blazing Red edition. Each edition includes the base game (6 boards, 6 markers, 4 Route dice) and two expansions (4 more dice). Rivers and Lakes, Meteors and Lava, each expansion will add an optional rule, changing the feeling of the game and making it more challenging.

Each box of Railroad Ink™ will come with enough boards and markers to play with up to 6 people. If you combine more than one box, though, you can increase the player count indefinitely: the only limit to the number of players is the number of boards at your disposal!“

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