„AZIMUTH: Ride The Winds“ ….kurz vorgestellt (Update)!

KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tytogames/azimuth-ride-the-winds?ref=6qms2h

„Hello Everyone,

We’re still pushing along and advancing but we think you deserve more, we want those SGs smashed as soon as possible.
We ask that you take five to read through this update, there’s some big news here for everyone.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation (yes the bold is another small riddle-scroll to read the answers).

Ocean Die Unveiled
Moving forward we want to smash some stretch goals begining with the first two, Lighthouse upscale and Multi-lingual rules (Many have voted for their preference, thanks you for that).
But the real big one we all want to reach is the OCEAN DIE SG3
Below is quite a bit of information about it, and how it not only spices up the base game for 2-4 players but also, are you ready, it enables a co-op mode to a 4 player game!
Yes you heard right, now all 4 players need to get home before the counter runs out. The ocean, however, can get in the way…
We are thrilled to introduce this co-op option, a mode the game was born from. After much play testing we decided it isn’t enough for the base game but sure is a great bonus for you all if we reach SG3-$18,000. It produces a very different kind of experience, with a touch of luck, and a lot of team spirit!

First of all we want you to know we think it is possible, with your help it will be much easier.

What happens next?
Checkout the general description of each proposed side of the die. 4 sides have been determined, 2 are open for you to decide between four given options. This is where you come in, it’s up to you guys to decide which sides will eventually be on the die inside the game box. Comment freely regarding your preference, we love hearing your opinions. Enjoy!

What can you do to help us reach SG3?
We’ve built a short social poll on Facebook. Wait, we know, non backers can vote and not everyone has Facebook, but we want people to vote and visit the campaign page thereafter generating more pledges and more happy backers:) This would bring everyone closer to the goal we set to reach. Rest assured the Facebook poll will only count for a small fraction of the tallied votes. Got it? So lets go get this campaign moving toward the stretch goals so everyone gets more game.

Please choose one of the four actions/icons in the bottom part of the image below (the top four are the pre-determined ones).
The two actions/icons most voted for would be made!“

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