Lucky Duck Games‘ „Fruit Ninja – Tabletop Game Series“

Lucky Duck Games brings Fruit Ninja to tabletop

KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/372651021/fruit-ninja-tabletop-game-series

„After Vikings Gone Wild ($500,000 raised in 2 campaigns) and Zombie Tsunami ($100,000 raised), Lucky Duck Games continues its mission to bring popular online games to tabletop, this time with the very famous game Fruit Ninja!

Downloaded over a billion times, Fruit Ninja is a very popular online game for mobile and tablets. As an apprentice ninja, your master trains you by throwing fruits you need to slice with your finger.

To really capture the essence of the online game, Lucky Duck Games contacted over 50 game designers, and selected the best 3 games they had to offer, which were all unique, fast to play and fun & accessible.

Fruit Ninja: Card Master
Fruit Ninja: Card Master is a fast-paced deck building game that allows 2 to 4 players to compete and prove their wit and dexterity. As ninja apprentices, they need to master their arts and prove to Sensei who is the most worthy trainee.

The game takes place over four rounds in which each player has to play their 15-card deck in a real-time match-making showdown. After each battle, players have a chance to upgrade their cards and improve their deck!

Fruit Ninja: Slice & Dice
Fruit Ninja: Slice & Dice is a strategic dice game for 2 to 4 players where each player is trying impress Sensei by slashing specific combos of Fruits.
Each round is split in 2 phases:
• Rolling Phase: simultaneously and in real-time, all players have 20 seconds to roll up to 3 times their dice.
• Buying Phase: in clock-wise order, starting from the first player, all players get a chance to spend their dice result on Combo Cards and claim one of the 6 Goal cards.
The game ends as soon as the Combo Deck runs out. The winner is the one with the most points!

Fruit Ninja: Combo Party
Fruit Ninja: Combo Party is a 3 to 6 player game mixing drafting, pushing your luck and dexterity!

Each turn is composed of 2 phases:
• Fruit Phase: all players choose a single Fruit from their deck. All cards are revealed at the same time. If at least two players have the same Fruit, the first one to grab the central totem get a reward card!

• Scoring Phase: each player have to decide if they want to keep growing their current Combo, pushing their luck to score more, or if they want to approfondi sur le sujet. The bigger the combo, the more rewards!
At the end of the turn, people pass their decks to the person on their left!“

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