The First 3D Realms Game Gone-Gold In A Decade = Bombshell!

„3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment are proud to announce that after over two years of blood sweat and tears, Bombshell has finally gone gold!

Folllowing a brief 2-month delay for quality assurance purposes, and all the snarky tweets and comments about „another delayed 3D Realms game“ (… ok, we had that coming!!) – Bombshell is locked-in for a January 29th 2016 release on Windows PC.

This past month, we’ve released two teaser trailers – Our Old Friends teaser, and our Official Soundtrack trailer, which is a re-cut of a bunch of other footage we’ve already released set to the official Bombshell Theme track by composer Andrew Hulshult. The soundtrack will also be sold separately for $9 on iTunes and pretty much anywhere else you look for music.

Later this week, as early as tomorrow, keep an eye out for Review Codes for the game on Steam, and next week keep your eyes peeled for an explosive Launch Trailer that I just had the chance to review. It’s one of the best trailers I think 3D Realms has ever put together, and can’t wait for the world to see it!

As a reminder, Bombshell will be launching for $34.99 USD standard, and $39.99 Digital Deluxe, which includes our 42-track official soundtrack, early beta access to the Bombshell Build Engine retro prequel, and digital artbooks and world map overviews.

Players can add Bombshell to their wishlist here:“

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