Green Hell’s Anticipated 1.0 Release from Early Access Delayed to Summer 2019

„Originally scheduled to release out of Early Access in late Winter 2019, Creepy Jar has announced that Green Hell’s ‚1.0 Story Mode‘ has been delayed to Summer 2019. Enjoying a string of successful updates so far, the development team has decided that in order to continue to deliver the best experience possible that a short delay is in order.

While a precise release date for 1.0 has not been decided on, the team at Creepy Jar will be taking the extra time to bring Green Hell to the Unity 2018 engine from the current Unity 2017 engine. Featuring the much anticipated Story Mode, a massive map expansion, new enemies, and more, the engine upgrade will result in a better looking experience, and a smoother, much more optimized final product. Not only that, as part of their ongoing relationship with their community, Creepy Jar wants to continue listening to and implementing some of the amazing suggestions provided by their dedicated player base.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the Mud Update which will arrive within the next few weeks! Featuring new items and crafting alongside the addition of mud-based buildings and apparatus, the Mud Update aims to continue Creepy Jar’s track record of providing quality updates with the players in mind.“

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