Watch this video for a taste of games coming from Evolve and in 2019

„Hey folks!
Happy New Year from everyone at Evolve PR. Tom here, with what is actually the very first email we’ve ever sent through Terminals that isn’t related to a specific game! I’ll try to keep it quick.

2019 is going to be a massive year for us at Evolve PR, and we put together a video showcasing some of the games we’re working on. Our clients are busy developing some of the best games you’re going to see this year, and this video only shows off those that have actually been announced as 2019 releases; there are going to be a butt-load more, including some high-profile games you already know about, as well as a bunch we haven’t even announced yet!

Go ahead, watch the video, and head back to to add any games you’re interested in to your Watch List. We can’t wait to work with you this year. If you have any questions about Evolve or Terminals, or just want to chat, you can always reach out to anyone on our team 🙂

Oh, and in case you haven’t yet, be sure to add 2-factor authentication to secure your account (we’ve had some jerks trying to gain access to Terminals accounts), and also check your account preferences to ensure you’re getting news and info about genres and platforms you care about!“

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