Microïds presents its new label: Microïds Indie

A video game publishing label for independent studios and developers

„Microïds, the French publisher of video games for international distribution, is pleased to present Microïds Indie, their new publishing label conceived to help independent studios and developers release their games.

While historically they have specialised in mass market adventure games, Microïds have also diversified their PC and latest-generation console catalogue to include other game genres. By drawing upon the creative freedom of the independents, Microïds are adding games with original mechanics and storylines to their publishing line, thus reaching out to new audiences and becoming a multi-genre publisher. „We are delighted to open up Microïds to independent studios, as they will then have the advantage of the strength of our catalogue to optimise their exposure. Thanks to the indies and their creativity – in terms of graphics, stories and even gameplay – a breath of fresh air has come to video games, and it is to both the players and the video game industry benefit“ stated Alain Milly, VP Publishing at Microïds.

With their international experience and the expertise of their teams, Microïds will be providing independent studios with the support they need for the publication, communication, sale and marketing of their games. To do this, they will also be able to draw upon Microïds‘ strong presence, including on Steam, as well as on their international distribution network and fanbase.

With 16 titles to date, Microïds Indie is initially concentrating on releases on Steam with games such as Gevaudan, Showtime 2073 and The Descendant, along with many upcoming titles like Around the Words and Steamburg, recently named “Best Upcoming Game“ at the 13th IMGA Global awards in San Francisco. Microïds will also be announcing more new partnerships in the near future.“

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