From Mobile to Tabletop, Lucky Duck Games brings Mutants, an Asymmetric Deck-Builder, to Kickstarter.

Deploy your Mutants & get ready to battle!

„Lucky Duck Games brings you Mutants, an innovative deck-builder, featuring an asymmetric market, hand management, and long term planning! Engage in a battle of mixing and matching genetics to create the Arena’s ultimate warriors! Based on the mobile game „Mutants: Genetic Gladiators,“ Mutants has taken off on Kickstarter with a great selection of pledges and rewards.

The game is already funded with over 12 Stretch Goals unlocked and another 14 days left to add even more content to it!


Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/372651021/mutants-an-innovative-asymmetric-deck-builder

Mutants is an innovative deck-builder where players lead a team of genetically modified gladiators.

Starting with a fully symmetric hand of cards, players have 5 rounds to breed the best possible gladiators from their asymmetric, uniquely crafted, gene pool and impose their strategy in the Arena!

Mutants comes with the following components:
• 4 Player Boards
• 1 Main Board
• 1 Round marker
• 1 Power Track marker
• 4 Score markers
• 48 Basic Mutants cards
• 4 Player Aid cards
• 72 Advanced Mutants cards
• 4 pre-constructed Gene Pool cards“

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