Jetpack Joyride, the critically acclaimed mobile runner, now a tabletop game on KS!

Buckle Up & Start Your Engine!

„Indie developers Halfbrick and Lucky Duck Games have partnered up to bring you nothing less than Jetpack Joyride, the world’s first-ever tabletop runner game! Join Barry, a struggling salesman, on his mission to break into a secret laboratory seeking experimental jetpacks! Based on the mobile game of the same name, Jetpack Joyride has taken off on Kickstarter with a great selection of pledges and rewards seeking funds to secure its completion.

Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/372651021/jetpack-joyride?ref=cahmdq

Jetpack Joyride is a real-time competitive puzzle game, in which you must go airborne and traverse a secret lab using a stolen jetpack. The tabletop adaption is played over a series of three rounds, with a playtime of about 20 minutes, supporting up to four players.
Jetpack Joyride is played by assigning 4 laboratory cards to each player. In real-time, tiles must be grabbed from the common pool and laid down to trace their choice of path through the lab. Grab as many coins as you can and the first player out triggers the end of the round. Gadgets are, then, drafted from the player with the lowest score to the highest one. The Kickstarter page offers some great tutorial videos and even a complete rulebook for download.“

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