„Rise of the Exiled“ ….kurz vorgestellt!

Throw your card. Defeat your enemy. Reclaim the city.

„Rise of the Exiled is a fast-paced, family-friendly card game that combines fantasy, fighting and throwing cards. Supporting from 2 – 12 players at once, Rise of the Exiled lends itself to some seriously chaotic fun. Games typically last around 5 – 10 minutes and are fun for all ages. Serious and casual gamers alike will enjoy the mix of strategy and dexterity found in Rise of the Exiled.

The game’s greatest strength is its flexibility. Waiting on the last member of your group to arrive for game night? Want to play a quick game with the kids before putting them to bed? Looking to get someone unaccustomed to fantasy into more serious games? Look no further than Rise of the Exiled. The complexity and strategy combined with the simple throwing of cards makes for a unique game unlike any you’ve seen before.

To learn more about this game, head to the Kickstarter page where you can see gameplay videos and read more about the rules. The game has roughly one month remaining to reach its funding goal and reached 25% funding in the first 48 hours. The base game costs $18 + shipping and comes with 15 unique character cards, 16 clear-plastic throwing cards and a rulebook.

About the Game

Before there were exiles, the great factions of the City were peaceful. However, the Coalition, the faction tasked with keeping the City safe, grew fearful in their power. In the name of protecting the common good, the Coalition removed anything or anyone who could threaten their control. They would purge the world of any who opposed them. Only the factions weren’t so easily defeated.

The Order of 1000 Doors was not beaten, only hidden in the mountains to the east. There they waited, preparing their blades, sharpening their aim, and lurking in the shadows. The Netherwalkers did not stay dead, but were resurrected in the ashen lands to the south. There, they called forth the vengeful spirits, summoned fiends from the abyss and raised their fallen to walk the earth again. The sages of The Venery were not burned, but became one with the forest, spreading vines along every forgotten path, summoning allies from the air and skies, and joining forces with the creeping crawlers of the Earth.

And thus began the Rise of the Exiled.

In the game, each player takes on the role of a warrior in this conflict. Each warrior has special weapons and abilities related to their faction. Gameplay takes place simultaneously in two phases (attack and movement) as players throw clear plastic weapon cards onto their opponents characters to deal damage. You play individually or in teams, but either way the last one standing wins.

Number of players: 2-12 (adding another player is one of our current Kickstarter stretch goals)
Time required: 10 min

Kickstarter Project Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/246157170/rise-of-the-exiled.“

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